Equestrian Pilates

Improve your riding with Pilates and take it to a whole new level with one of the most important relationships in your life, the one between you and your horse.



  • A stronger core to help you avoid collapses, twisting, bouncing or bobbing your body in the saddle.
  • A stronger core to absorb the movement of the horse.
  • Improved balance equals the greater the degree of balance within the rider’s body off the horse, the easier to maintain balance on the horse.
  • A stronger and more flexible back.
  • Better posture to help you deepen your seat.
  • Improved body awareness.
  • Better health and comfort during and after your ride.
  • Increased flexibility allows the rider to sit up.

And what can all of this lead to?

  • A horse who trusts your commands
  • A horse who can respond to your commands
  • A horse confident with your riding ability
  • A horse who has fun

In other words, a great ride!
Equestrian Pilates accomplishes this by conditioning the equestrian.

Riders are finding that the core strength, flexibility and balanced muscular development that Pilates promotes are very well suited to helping them find their "seat", the riding posture that work for both rider and horse.
Leg springs on the trapeze table

Leg springs on the trapeze table